In 2004 I bought my first embroidery Machine.  I fell in LOVE and was totally hooked!!!!  Since then alot
of things have changed but I am still in LOVE with machine embroidery.   I am  a wife and mother, as
are most of you.  I have been "crafting" since I was about 5 years old.  My mom gave me a little sewing
machine that was hand cranked and I made doll clothes.  I n Brownies I learned to crochet and knit. My
dolls now had sweaters, shells and suits.  When I was 13 I learned to sew with a "real" sewing machine
in school, and that started making a few clothing items.  In my later teens I added hand embroidery,
quilting and creating my own patterns for knitting and sewing.  When I was 19 I learned how to tole paint,
then to paint clothing.  I had a craft business and sold to others who did craft shows.  I was introduced to
counted cross stitch in 1979, it is still one of my favorites, but now I chart for the machine.  In 1985 my
husband taught me about "computers"  I realized the crafting possibilities right away.  I began to print
announcements, invitations, labels and stationary.  Being involved with graphics and printing gave me
a knowledge of how to digitize, yes the graphics I was dealing with taught me how to do alot of the same
things I use today in my work.  In 2005 I sold my first design,  it took me two weeks to digitize and it was
on a FSL blank given to me by another digitizer.  I just kept at it and am still learning today.  When
asked what my favorite thing it is to make I have a hard time,  I love quilts, cross stitch ( I did that for
many years by hand), crocheting,quilting, and any type of embroidery on the machine.  There is still so
much to make, wonderful artwork to use and projects to  develop, as a friend of mine who also digitizes
says, "I will die working on just one more design."

I manual digitize all the designs in Embird. I own all the licenses for the artwork which was purchased
and digitized by me.  Similarity to designs or items on other web sites is purely coincidence. Much of
the artwork is exclusive and is copyrighted, licensed to Linda Foulke, dba Kenlin Creations, Kenlin
Embroidery, 123 It's Almost Free Embroidery and Tightwad Emboridery. You may use purchased
designs for personal use and to stitch out on products for sale, but may not sell or package the images
or digitized images in any other way selling, trading or transferring the designs from Kenlin Creations,  
Kenlin Embroidery or 123 It's almost Free Embroidery  any other party is a violation of copyrights and
of title 17 U.S.C., et seq 2013.

Some of the software I own and use are: Embird, I have all of the add ons, and love it for digitizing
regular designs and Free Standing Lace,  I have Patternmaker, which I used to do cross-stitch for
machine.  I own Husqavarna 4, and Janome's Customizer program, which I never use.  The machines I
use are,  Ellageo by Babylock, I can stitch up to a 6x10 design on it.  I have two Janome 300E's  and a
Janome 350E as well as a Janome Quilter.  For Christmas 2013 my husband surprised me with a 6
needle Babylock EnduranceII,  it is so wonderful and fast, I can't wait until I learn all the things  I can do
with it.

On a more personal note, I am a quiet person, you will not find me chatting alot on the yahoo groups
about nothing, I beleive that gossip is  distructive and have suffered from others who did, I will not
participate.  I enjoy "talking" with members when the contact me, and I always answer.  You will not find
me fussing and fighting with any other digitizer. We are all grown ups and we all have different ways of
doing things, so if I do have a difference of opinion I just go on and allow others to do the same. My
health is an issue, but I try my best to work a bit even on the bad days.  I have Fibro Myalgia,  and deal
with optical migraines.  My thyroid "died" and so I take meds for that but fight being tired. Winter is my
least favorite time of year as the cold is harder on my body.  In 1994 I was in a car accident and have
alot of back problems and sciatica.  Even with the physical problems, I am blessed and thankful I can
digitize, run my machines, and use my quilting machine.  I am a glass half full person so I always
believe things will get better.  

Please note we do not have automatic downloads, you should receive your order within 48 hours.  if the
address is " unconfirmed" and is outside the USA and you are not an established customer I am
holding the order until the funds clear and that can take up to seven days.  No refunds after 30 days
and remember it is your responsibility to make sure you have NOT purchased the product twice.  Sale
price will not be honored once the price has changed so be sure you empty your shopping cart so you
have the correct prices or your money will be refunded so you can get it right....Back up your files I do
not replace files you lose, I will only replace files which are defective and only in the first thirty days after

Important Downloading Information, Read before you order

If you are on dialup you may have trouble downloading our files, please understand you need a
connection of 56K to receive the files without problems.  If you receive a message saying invalid,
corrupted or empty the problem is your method of downloading and you will need to do one of the
following, go to the library and download to a flash drive, go to a internet cafe, truck stop or restaurant,
which has free wireless and download to  a flash drive, or upgrade your method of downloading
technology.  We will not stop and take the time to separate the files or send them, we have low prices
because we keep our "labor" down.  Our files are virus FREE, we use a "cleaning" program to scan
every file as we upload, if it says the file  has a virus, delete and redownload.  You may need to adjust
your firewall or anti- virus program to have a seamless download.  We are digitizers, we are not
computer wizards, if you have computer problems we cannot help, you will need to contact a computer
technician.  We recommend you use Internet Explorer to download with and Winzip to open your files.  It
is  your responsibility to assure you are able to download files, if you cannot because of any of the
issues above we will be unable to help you, you will NOT receive a refund once the password and
username for downloading the files.

123 Embroidery is a division of Kenlin Creations dba Kenlin Embroidery, 123 its almost free
Embroidery, and Tightwad embroidery.  
Selling, trading or transferring the designs from Kenlin
Creations,  Kenlin Embroidery, 123 It's almost Free Embroidery, Bunni Brooke, and
Tightwad Embroider to any other party is a violation of copyrights and of title 17 U.S.C., et
seq 201
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